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Recently, the Department of Telecommunication has started a service called “Sanchara Sathi”. This service is also a big boon for mobile users. It has many benefits. One of them is a way to prevent thieves from using a stolen phone. Here is the step by step information on this method

Mobile phone is now an important part of our life. Mobile phone and internet help in many daily tasks. Apart from that, a lot of confidential and sensitive information including password, bank account linked apps are also present in the phone. Everyone can imagine the shock if such an important phone is stolen. The fear of misuse of mobile phone will not bother us then. It is also true that many people have experienced such pain.

But, now the development of technology helps us to prevent thieves from using stolen phones. One such service is the “Sanchara Sathi” website recently launched by the Department of Telecommunications. The service was launched with the aim of ending mobile theft and making it easy for users to report the same and block the phone’s service. The Department of Telecommunications said that through this service, the device can be blocked across the country and any telecom company’s SIM cannot work on the device.

How to disable phone?
Sanchar Sathi website is working with the aim of helping mobile phone users and strengthening the security of the device. Here users can report their phone lost or stolen. Phone theft can be reported and blocked through CEIR through your lost/stolen mobile option. Also, the task of locating the phone by IMEI number can be made easier

Once you block your phone it cannot be used until unblocked after the mobile phone is detected and no SIMs across India will work on this phone. So how to make the phone useless to thieves…? Here is a simple step-by-step guide for you to do.

Visit Sanchar Sathi apk
The first thing you should do when your phone is lost or stolen is to visit the Sanchar Sathi website. You can open this website on mobile phone or desktop using any web browser.

Apk Link :

After visiting the Sanchar Sathi website, click on the Citizen Centric Services section. Scroll down there and you will see the option ‘Block your lost/stolen mobile’. Click on it

The next step

As soon as you click Block your lost/stolen mobile another page will open on the website. Click on the red button Block Stolen /Lost Mobile

Fill in the details

After clicking on Block Stolen/Lost Mobile, a form will appear with three sections that you need to fill. You have to fill the required details in three sections namely device information, lost information and personal details of the owner of the mobile.

The most important of the details required to fill this form is the copy of the complaint you filed with the local police station regarding phone theft and the complaint number. Along with this IMEI number is also important.

Also enter another phone number here to receive OTP


Take another look at the information you have filled in. Once the form is filled, confirm it by clicking on the declaration found there and hit the submit button

Shock for thieves!
After completing all these steps, it is the thief’s turn to get shocked. Because once your device is blocked it is useless to thieves. It will not work on any SIM card across the country. That means even if thieves remove your SIM card and throw it away and use their own SIM card, the mobile phone will not work.

You can unblock
Once the blocked mobile phone is found again, you may worry and question how to unblock it. Don’t worry about that either. If the original owner finds a device that has been blocked using Sanchar Sathi Portal, they can unblock it again and use it again. There is an option for that in Sanchari Sathi portal. Click on the green option Un-Block Found Mobile and enter the appropriate details. Select ID mobile number (mobile number given to receive OTP for blocking and get notification) and reasons for unblocking and enter appropriate details. Fill the captcha and click on the “Accept OTP” option. Enter OTP and click submit button for unblock request.

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