Annabhagya – Account received Rs. 680/- Annabhagya money..! You still haven’t arrived? Check your name in the August list.

Hello everyone. In today’s report, information is provided on how to know whether money has been credited to your account under Annabhagya Yojana. And let’s know how to check ration card official list for the month of August.

The August rice money has already been released and many people have already received it, but some people have not received the money due to not doing ekyc and NPCI mapping to house owner’s Aadhaar card has not been done due to Aadhaar authentication failure, so those who have not received the money so far are as shown below first. Check the list for the month of August once, if your name is in the list but the money is not received, do ekyc again at your ration shop and visit the branch where your bank account is located and map your aadhaar card to the bank account. Then next month money will be credited to your account.

August Beneficiaries Patch

Step 1: Click on the direct link below, check your name in the list of beneficiaries

Then click on the 3 lines on the left side of the home page, then click on e-Ration Card at the bottom. Then click on show village list below

Step 2: Select your district, taluk, village panchayat, village, click on Go

Step 3: It will show the ration card number, name, address, type of card and number of family members of the ration card holder in your village, check your name.

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