Enter your Aadhaar number or ration card number and check your crop loan waiver information

Hello everyone. In today’s article we put Ration Card or Aadhaar Number
About how to check name in your crop loan waiver list
Complete information will be provided. Yes this is a sweet news for Kannada people.
Store farmers are in dire straits for damaging their crops, for which the state government
One good decision taken is to waive crop loan.
Along with that, it has also released the list of crop loan waived, which is for 2018
List of crop loan waivers.

Karnataka has already waived crop loans many times, this time also in 2018
It is proposed to waive off crop loans. Many states have their own money
The scheme and it has provided a lot of benefits to the farmers. Farmers for you
Overhead debt burden is reduced.

Benefits of crop loan waiver:

The Karnataka government has already raised the crop loan from many years back
It has been waived. Similarly, this time also the loan on the crop of 2018 is rice
Do released its list. The authorities concerned also waive off the loan
It has done so that the most important benefit for the farmers is that it is on the farmers
To reduce the financial burden, it is the main objective of the state government. Thus the loan
If done it will increase the enthusiasm of farmers towards their farming. This
The scheme started from 17th December 2018 so that all the small and
Useful for very small farmers. Apart from this, the crop up to two lakhs from this project
Loan will be waived.

Units under Karnataka Crop Loan Waiver Scheme:

Concerned authorities carrying out activities related to Karnataka loan waiver scheme

A separate and designated portal has been launched. Official website
Beneficiaries and officials have the following four options to use.

to Nadakacheri
Bank FSD Login District wise
Civil Payment Certificate for Packs
Civil Payment Certificate for Banks
Services to Taluk Level Committee
pacs mismatch verification login
TLC fsd login
Taluk level bank mismatch verification login
TLC Packs Incompatibility Reports

For citizens
Personal Creditor Report
Civil Payment Certificate for Packs
Civil Payment Certificate for Banks

For Co-operative Bank
Pax Deo Login
DCC Taluk Manager Login
Taluk CDO Login
Clws pacs reports
Pacs fsd login district wise
Arx Login
Pacs wise Crop Loan Waiver Payment Certificate

For commercial bank
Bank Deo Login
Clws Bank Reports
Bank Manager Login
Bank fsd login district wise
Branch wise crop loan waiver payment certificate

Process of review of Karnataka Crop Loan Waiver Scheme

1) Click on the official website link below

2) Then click on Citizen

3) Click on “CLWS Citizen Reports” under “Citizen Services”

4) Select your Aadhaar Card or Ration Card Number. Your Aadhaar Card
Or type the ration card number

5) Click on FETCH REPORT
Here your Name Bank Name Loan Amount Shows loan waived amount

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