5000 Rupees for Organic Farmers

5000 Rupees for Organic Farmers

The Government of India has launched the Paramparakat Krishi Vikas Project to help farmers. Farmers are encouraged to do organic farming under this scheme.





Paramparaghat Agricultural Development Project

The Paramparaghat Agricultural Development Project (PKVY), launched in 2015, is extensive. Soil Health Management (SHM) Unit under Central Sponsorship. The Scheme (CSS), the National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA) aims at 1 PKVY. Supporting and promoting organic farming, improving the soil.





This project promotes Participation Guarantee System (PGS) for India (PGS- India) 2. The form of organic certification is built on mutual trust, is locally relevant and, in turn, mandates the involvement of manufacturers and consumers in the process. Certification. PGS – India “operates outside the third-party framework.





The financial model under the scheme is 60:40 from Central and State. Governments respectively. In the case of the Northeastern and the Himalayas, aid is provided in the ratio of mid-90:10 (central: state) and provinces to the Union, where aid is 100%.






A sustainable model of organic farming has been created

With the help of traditional knowledge and modern science, the project will create a model of sustainable organic farming for farmers. Apart from this, cluster building in Paramparaghat Agricultural Development Project (PKVY Scheme 2022),

Capacity building, promotion, value addition and marketing are financed. For your information, but now the farmers will get new technology through this scheme. The government is preparing a permanent model for this. Farmers pay Rs


Through this scheme, the government will provide farmers with a financial assistance of Rs. 31000 per hectare for organic fertilizers, pesticides, seeds etc.






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