545 PSI Recruitment Important News

Start Recruiting PSI,Candidate appeals for ADGP Paul ..



BANGALORE: Candidates selected for the 545 Police Inspector post recruitment process have appealed to the Police Recruitment Division ADGP Amrit Pal.




Recruitment notification for these posts was issued in 2020. The process has already been delayed. In addition, Kovid has hooked the fate of those who dream of employment. The decision to suspend the recruitment process due to administrative reasons has caused anxiety and suspicion among elected candidates.




Candidates from the constituency of the welfare Karnataka side have been pressured by the fact that they have been unjustly elected in the Karnataka quota of welfare, rather than in the non-welfare Karnataka quota. Recruitment has been suspended for this reason. 107 candidates have been selected from the quota of welfare Karnataka candidates.




Candidates also claimed that more than 30 candidates from the welfare Karnataka constituency have been selected in the non-Karnataka quota.

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