7th Pay Commission Now Early 2022


How to calculate DA increase for government employees for the new year?


The central government employees may have read the news that the central government has proposed a hike in the wage hike as recommended by the 7th Pay Commission. Now in early 2022, there is news that the Modi government has come forward to announce yet another increase in tuition allowance. This will be discussed and agreed to by the Union Cabinet at the end of December. Modi-led Union Cabinet approves 3% DA hike for government employees..As of now, the DA has increased from 17% to 31%. Here is an explanation of what the DA calculates if the DA increases again, the salaries of government employees …



The Modi government will soon take a decision on the 18-month tariff arrears, along with the increase in tuition. Tightness currently stands at 31 per cent. Prior to July of this year, it was 17 percent, with the Tribunal Compensation (DR) also up 3 percent. According to the annual report of the Department of Expenditure, there are a total of 48 lakh central employees and about 68.62 lakh pensioners in the country.



The extraordinary situation caused by the Kovid-19 pandemic resulted in the suspension of three additional installments of tuition allowance [DA] and pension for central government employees.



The increase was three per cent for January 1 (4%), July 1 2020 (3%) and January 1, 2021 (4%). Revised July 1, 2021, up 31%.



How much does the DA increase again ?:

Despite the news of the DA increase, the amount is still uncertain, with the DA likely to increase by about 3 per cent according to Fitment before Budget 2022, with government employees likely to receive promotions, tuition allowances and dues.,. If it rises again by 3 per cent, the DA will increase to 34 per cent. Based on the AICPI index, the DA increase is expected to increase by 3%.



Dearness allowance:

In India, tuition is part of a person’s salary. Compensation is calculated based on the percentage of base salary. Subsequently, this amount is added to the basic salary along with the home rent allowance and the total salary received.



How to Increase Tightness?

DA Personage of Central Government Employees:

All India Consumer Price Index Average (Base Year-2001 = 100)

115.76 / 115.76X100 for the past 12 months.



Public Sector Staff DA Personage:

All India Consumer Price Index Average (Base Year-2001 = 100) for the last 3 months was 126.33 / 126.33X100.



Basic Salary 18,000 s

* New DA (34%) 6120 s / per month

* Holly DA (31%) 5580 s / month

* How much is the rate of increase: 6120- 5580 = 540 s / month

* 540 s X 12 = 6,480 s as an annual calculation.



Maximum Basic Salary is Rs

* New DA (34%) 19,346 s / month

* Holly DA (31%) 17,639 s / month

* How much is the rate of increase: 19346-17639 = 1,707 s / month

* 1,707 s X 12 = 20,484 s as an annual calculation.


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