A grand gift for farmers from Modi government

A grand gift for farmers from Modi government Rs. 4000 The Urea Now at 266!




Good news for farmers! The central government is now offering a splendid gift to farmers who have been upset over the price of fertilizer. Read on to find out when and for whom.


Yes! Previously, farmers were suffering from inflation. On the one hand, the petrol and diesel prices have already hit the farmers, while on the other hand the price of fertilizer has further agitated the farmers. Meanwhile, the Modi government is preparing to provide cheap fertilizer to farmers.





Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-operative Limited (IFFCO) Limited, one of the country’s leading cooperatives, has increased the price of Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) and NPK.




Farmers who were already annoyed by the rise in petrol and diesel prices now have to buy fertilizer for their crops at an expensive price. These two fertilizer prices will now increase farm costs. But in the meantime the Modi government has given them a solution





The Modi government will provide fertilizer at cheaper rates

According to government sources, the central government has already made arrangements for fertilizers, including 3 million tonnes of DAP and 7 million tonnes of urea, for the Kharif sowing crop starting in May.


Sources said the government is fully prepared to meet the requirements of the Kharif scheme and further fertilizers will be purchased as per the need of the farmers.





Government’s decision to provide fertilizer at half price

According to officials, the price of urea in the international market today rose to Rs 4000 per 50kg bag while in the domestic market the urea was being sold at Rs 266 per 50kg bag.




At the same time, the DAP price in the domestic market was Rs 1,350 per bag, while its international price rose to Rs 4,200 per bag. But, the government is selling at half the price in the domestic market.

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