A new party joins Karnataka politics

Karnataka Politics: A new party in Karnataka, ‘Hindustan Janata Party’ will be launched





Hindusthan Janata Party: It is said that the Hindusthan Janata Party intends to contest the upcoming assembly elections.

A new party will join Karnataka Politics. A new party called Hindustan Janata Party will come into existence and the new party will be launched in Bengaluru on August 7. Vinayak Maladakar is the president of Hindustan Janata Party and a question has arisen whether this party is being created to tease the BJP. Inauguration ceremony and inauguration ceremony of new office bearers is organized on 7th August in Bangalore.





According to reports, an important meeting will be held tomorrow at the Sharan Seva Samaj in Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, and after the meeting, the new party will be launched by the pontiff himself.


Assembly election target?

It is said that the Hindustan Janata Party intends to contest the upcoming assembly elections. It has also been said that Hindustan Janata Party is thinking of fielding candidates in all assembly constituencies of Karnataka in this background.





What are the chances of the party manifesto

The new party manifesto is likely to be released tomorrow i.e. August 7. It is said that the Hindustan Janata Party intends to announce various projects in a certificate like construction of Hindu Bhavan in all districts of Karnataka state, free electricity up to 100 units, free travel in metropolitan transport for women, free bus pass for all classes of school children, upgradation of all government hospitals.





Will these elements also be included in the manifesto

Apart from that, modernization of government schools, free world-class education facility for all, 5 lakh rupees for building houses for street vendors. It has been said that the manifesto will include elements such as subsidy, government and private employment for local youth, IT-BT start-up in every district, free insurance for rickshaw drivers, garment workers, corruption-free transparent administration, uniform fee in all schools and colleges.


A new party focusing on Bangalore

Sources also informed that several slogans including Cauvery water supply under BBMP, Mahadayi water supply soon are likely to be included in the manifesto of Hindustan Janata Party.

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