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Apply for Horticulture in the Horticulture Department! Do you know how much the subsidy is




Dear Bandhavar Karnataka Govt. But no one knows for sure what their subsidy is and how much subsidies they can get today. Exact information on these is nowhere to be found but under the National Horticulture Mission scheme, farmers in each Horticulture Department are subsidized to produce farmland.






Generally, farm pits are used to store more rain water and to collect water in other areas and then leave the crop in time of need. For that, you build a farm with the help of the size you need, such as the amount of rainfall in your area and the amount of water flowing from the surface of the earth.





Generally in modern days, rainfall accidentally causes farmers to store any canal or borewell water in farm pits first and then water the crops during the day. But there is a lot of subsidy available to them in the horticulture department.





Type 1: 45000 liters of water is limited to one hectare and it is subsidized by the Horticulture Department. 4 lakhs is subsidized by the Horticulture Department.

The third type: water storage capacity of 9000 thousand liters of water can be used to irrigate about 4 hectares of land, subsidized by the Horticulture Department for about 5 lakhs






As mentioned above, you can create a water storage unit depending on your land in different ways. It can be a rectangle or a rectangle to suit you and you can even put plastic after it is formed. Or sodium bentonite can also be coated so that the stored aid does not pass through the earth.




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