Agricultural Opportunity 2022

Dear farmer and friend, even if you have a lot of money, agriculture is not easy to come by because we do not have a comprehensive knowledge of farming. If you participate in such training you can definitely advance in agriculture.

This training is provided to the farmers free of charge and meals free of charge.





Bank of Baroda Rural Self Employment Training Institute, Deogiri


Training topics include improved farming practices, technology adoption in agriculture, dairy farming, sheep farming





Horticulture, Advanced Seeds Production | Information on advanced irrigation practices, soil fertility testing, organic farming practices, earthworm fertilizers will be provided along with training.





Training is free with meals and only a few seats are available. Interesters 18 to 45 years old – Young women register their names promptly – For more information contact 9110865650/8660219375 Time: 10 am to 5 pm.





Fewer people have opted for such training. For those who have submitted the application for the first time, the application will be given higher priority. All you have to do is assign an address to the top. You can participate in the training by calling them and submitting the application with the necessary documents.




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