Agriculture Department Recruitment 2022

Diploma in Agriculture & Desi Course




Your children of farmers must be agricultural officers. Fifty percent of the students have already got seats in agriculture.





Farmers can read your farm to your children, improve your fields and incorporate the latest technologies in modern agriculture. This will bring you even greater profits.




Tipatur: The University of Bangalore Agricultural University has invited applications to study Agriculture Diploma and Certificate Courses in Kannada for the year 2022-23. The one-year Agricultural Diploma Course and Certificate Course Comprehensive Agronomy & Agricultural Course, Application for Beekeeping Techniques in Agriculture and Beekeeping Course is due on 30th April.





Applications should be obtained from the Coordinator, Distance Education Unit, Directorate of Extension, GKVK, Bangalore or Agricultural Science Center, Bidaregudi Kaval, Tipatur. 9663330296, 7259200919 can be contacted.





As mentioned above, a Diploma in Agriculture or a Desi Course qualification should be a minimum of 10th standard. You can then set up shop selling manure or if you are still interested in doing the next BSc cultivation.





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