Another opportunity to make a loan

Another opportunity to make a loan – Check your name on the credit card list in Mobile,



Good news for the surviving farmers who are not in debt. Of the farmers who have applied for loans up to Rs 1 lakh in the state co-operative banks, 13500 farmers are not eligible for other reasons. The remaining farmers, who are not in debt, will be given another chance, said Cooperative Minister ST. Somashekara said.

Responding to a debate on the departmental grant demands on Monday, he said many conditions were imposed on farmers’ loans of Rs.




Should not be subject to income tax jurisdiction. Other conditions were imposed, including not to be pensionable. It is the debt of many farmers in the state. However, 13,500 farmers’ loans are pending. It has been decided to give another loan to these farmers, he said.



By July 10, 2018, the stipulation was that there should be a ration card. Not only that, but for some other reason, some farmers have been dropped from the debt list. There is now another opportunity for such farmers.


But most farmers do not know why they have not made their loans. Such farmers can check in mobile for reasons of not getting their loan amount and not having a loan.



How to check your name on the credit bar on mobile

Farmers should sit at home and click on the eLink check to see if their name is on the credit card list but for whatever reason. Then the crop loanmanna page opens. Farmers should choose which district they belong to. The district, bank and bank branch should be selected. Should. Then there is no need to select the bank’s IFSC code. Then click on Fetch Details.



The Farmers ‘Bank Account can check the farmers’ bank account, what type of loan is available, the date of loan availability, whether or not the loan has been received. You can check your Aadhaar card, ration card verify or not, whether you are on the green list or not. If one loan is up to Rs 1 lakh, less than two installments will be waived in one installment.



If you have a loan of up to Rs 1 lakh, how many installments have been released? Farmers can check other details, including how much money has been released, on mobile. Farmers who do not have a loan will soon become a debtman.




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