Application for free sheep farming training for 10 days

Good news for farmers interested in sheep and goat farming. Farmers have been invited to practice farming for 10 days free of charge, to do sidelines such as sheep farming with agriculture. Yes, 10 days of free sheep farming training has been invited by the State Bank of India Rural Self Employment Training Institute for farmers in Koppal district for 10 days free sheep farming training.



Eligible candidates should be between 18 and 45 years old. Should have passed 8th standard. Must be interested in self-employment. Application should be made by the State Bank of India, Rural Self Employment Training Institute, District Industrial Center premises, Ashoka Circle, Koppal by March 13.




Candidates will be selected by interview at 10.30 am on March 14. Training begins March 15. For further information contact the phone number 08539 230138, Koppal said.



Beginning Helpline for Parents

The government has started a livestock helpline for farmers who are interested in animal husbandry. This helpline has been started for farmers to sit at home and get information on animal husbandry. Farmers will call 8277 100 200 and give information on foster care. This helpline will run 24 * 7 hours a day. The helpline will operate from 7 am to 9 pm Farmers can call the above helpline and provide information on when sheep, goat, rabbit, dairy and poultry farming are being trained in their district. In addition, information on domestic and foreign livestock breeds will be provided.




Farmers will be freely informed about the credit facilities available from various banks for animal husbandry activities

When farmers call for a free helpline, they will contact the officials of the climbing veterinary department. Then farmers can get detailed information on animal husbandry. Transfer to the nearest departmental technical staff or officers for emergency veterinary services and assist in obtaining needed services.

Training centers have been set up in various districts of the state to train farmers on animal husbandry. There are currently 25 training centers in the state.




You have to click on the link. Then the webpage of the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services opens. There is a list of the 25 training centers in the state in which districts are trained.


Whatever is in training is training. For example, if you have three days of training you will find information about what is being trained. Farmers should look at the training curriculum to look at training


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