ATM Safety Tips :


Be aware of the green light before using the ATM!ATM Safety Tips :


Business Desk: Cyber ​​crime cases have increased in recent times. Cyber ​​crime cases are on the rise as online transactions have increased. Nowadays people are getting online help for money trading. ATMs are those who need cash. The ATM has made our job easier. It has also increased the difficulty. Some new cases of daily ATM fraud have emerged.




It’s hard to go to bank branches and get money. ATMs are inevitable. Those who draw money with ATMs need to keep in mind some things. ATM alert can protect you from any unpleasant incident. Today we tell you what to be alert for when going to an ATM.



What to Mod When Going to an ATM ?: Risk Card Cloning:

When you go to an ATM to draw money, you must first check whether the ATM is safe. The biggest risk in an ATM is card cloning. Your money is stolen by card cloning.



Your profile is as follows:

When we go to an ATM, we first put the card inside the machine. Hackers steal customer data through a card slot. They have a card cloning device that can scan your card data. Steal data from Bluetooth or any other wireless device.



Keep these things in mind:

Hackers steal your debit card data. They must have a PIN number for full access to the Audit Debit Card or the Money With Draw. Hackers can track PIN numbers with the camera. So when you enter your PIN number in an ATM, hide it with another hand. Then they won’t get the PIN number. The hacker makes the job easier when you register the PIN number to make it look like CCTV.



Carefully check the card slot:

Carefully check the card slot of the ATM machine when you go to the ATM. Do not use any tampering in the ATM card slot or if the slot is loose or some other error.



Green Light in the Slot:

Note the light in the card before placing the card into the card slot. This means that the ATM is secure if the green light is turned on in the slot. But do not use an ATM if it looks red or different. It also means it is not safe.



What should a mod do when a hacker falls into the trap?

If you think the hackers have fallen into the trap or the money in your account has been hacked, you should contact the police. You need to report the matter to the police as soon as possible. Police are tracking the fraud at which ATM. It is also important to block your card.


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