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For 55 rupees! 3,000 rupees! How? Apply quickly


Under the scheme, a deposit of Rs. For this, at the age of 18, you should save about 2 rupees every day and invest in the project.



36,000 Rupees on 55 rupee deposit

In fact, under the scheme, a system of Rs 36,000 can be made for depositing Rs 55 per month. For this, at the age of 18, you need to save about Rs 2 per day and invest in the project. With this, if someone starts a project by the age of 40, they will have to deposit Rs 200 per month.



As soon as a person turns 60, they start receiving a pension of Rs 3000 per month. This means an annual turnover of Rs. To take advantage of this scheme, you only need to have a savings bank account and Aadhaar card. The age of the person eligible for the plan should not be less than 18 years and not more than 40 years.



The central government has embarked on a number of welfare projects to bring back a damaged economy during the corona period. The Modi government of the Center has taken care of these projects from farmers to workers.




In this sequence, the government is carrying out the Prime Minister Shri Yogi Mandhan project for unorganized sector workers. Under this scheme, the government has created a huge opportunity for the social security of workers in the unorganized sector.Under the scheme, a pension of 36,000 rupees can be obtained annually by saving only 2 rupees a day.

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