Crop Loan List 2022

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Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy had announced a loan of up to Rs 1 lakh. But many farmers are not lucky with this loan. Due to the conditions imposed by the government, some farmers’ debt is not. Farmers then gradually loosened the conditions by submitting the required documents and obtaining the loan.



Some farmers have borrowed from two cooperative banks whose name has been rejected by the debtor list. It has come to light that some farmers have borrowed from an Aadhaar number at different banks and the names of those who received individual ration cards have been removed from the list a couple of days before the date of the government’s announcement of a loan waiver by July 10, 2018. Thus, some farmers were disqualified from the debtor list.




After the BJP government came to power, the debtor was made to check the names of the gradually rejected farmers. The banks have released a list of creditors named after the creditors. You don’t even have to go to the bank to check your name on this list. You can sit at home and check that your name is on the loan list. How did it feel…. Here’s the information.



You have to click on the link. Then a page of the crop loanmanna project opens. Here, farmers have to choose which district bank they have loaned. Bank Name, Branch Option IFSC Code No need to enter. Then click on Fetch Details. Then you will see how many farmers have taken loans from that bank.



The loan list contains information about the farmer’s name, loan customer ID, loan bank account, type of loan, date of loan, and how many loans. There is also information about whether or not the bank manager has approached your credit card. If the bank management approach is given to the loanman, the answer is yes. Others include aadhaar card, ration card verified or not.You will need to check your name as there is complete information on how many farmers are on that loan list.





You can also take a print out of this loan list. With so many names, you can take a screen shot of what your name is in order.

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