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Electricity Bill: These Simple Tips Follow Geyser and Heater


Electricity Bill: We use geysers and heaters more in the winter. If you are also facing a high power bill problem, you can find the solution by following these simple tips ..



Electricity Bill:

Increases use of electronic devices, including heaters and geysers, in the winter. This is why the electricity bill comes up. Heaters and geysers are high power consumption devices. But using these in winter is no different. However, following simple tips can significantly reduce the electricity bill. You can save money with this.



Use these simple techniques to reduce your electricity bill:

Use 5 star rated tools:

If you buy any equipment, note that it has a 5 star rating. Tools with a 5 star rating are said to use less power. There are many 5 star rated fridges, TVs, ACs, heaters and geysers available in the market. By purchasing a 5-star appliance, you can significantly lower your electricity bill.This can save you thousands of rupees.



Choose a high capacity geyser:

Using a geyser increases the electricity bill. In such a situation, you have to buy high capacity geysers. After the water is heated, it is heated for three to four hours. With this you get rid of the problem of constantly turning on the geyser. After heating the water, it can be used for a long time.





Avoid continuous use:

Do not turn on the heater and electric blower continuously. It heats the room in a few minutes. So it’s wise to turn it off. The electricity bill will increase with the constant running of these tools. You turn it on from time to time. If you’re not in the room, turn it off. Only turn it on when needed.


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