Four rupees per liter of cow urine!

Four rupees per liter of cow urine! Government to buy from Farmers




Dear farmers, as you know, barnyard manure is very important in agriculture. Similarly now the importance of cow urine (cow urine) has increased a lot in agriculture. Similarly, the Congress government of Chhattisgarh has devised a scheme to buy cow urine to help farmers earn more income in agriculture. The name of that scheme is Godana Nyaya Yojana


In this scheme, the government will sell cow urine near farmers at Rs 4 per litre. The government is ready to buy at the price. This in a way increases the importance of animal urine and the effect of cow urine in agriculture.

And the government said that this ‘Godana Nyaya Yojana’ has been formulated to promote sustainable cow protection across the state.





Giving high priority to cow urine conservation of this project, the government said that this project will be launched on the occasion of ‘Hareli Tihar’ festival to be held on July 28.

Farmers can collect their cow’s urine and sell it at Rs 4 per litre. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that our government has started the process of cow urine procurement for the first time under Godan Nyaya Yojana. This will work towards cow conservation, effect of cow urine in agriculture, financial assistance to the people of the state.





The people of the state are encouraged to conserve cow urine under this Godan Nyaya Mission. Still, the government will start buying cow urine from July 28. The government is making arrangements to buy cow urine directly from the farmers. The way the government has prepared for collection is that the government has instructed the cow sheds in the district centers to buy cow urine. Accordingly, the farmers of the respective districts should bring the collected cow urine to the cow sheds in their respective districts

Officials said that the minimum price for the purchase of cow urine has been proposed at Rs 4 per liter by the Departments of Agricultural Development and Farmers’ Welfare and Biotechnology. This is said to be an important development for farmers. Government has taken a good decision to conserve cow urine.





Cow urine collected by the government from farmers is used to make pest control products and natural liquid fertilizers with the help of self-help women’s groups.




And cow urine reduces the cost of fertilizers in farming and the use of liquid fertilizers in fields


Several diseases can also be controlled by cow urine. Soil diseases can also be controlled. This cow urine is very helpful in preventing insect infestation.



Srikanth Hunsikatti (Dip.Agri, BSc Agri)



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