Get money without ATM Card

Get money without ATM Card: RBI is bringing new facility!




Sweet news for bank customers! Now people don’t have to stand outside an ATM machine to draw money, RBI will soon bring a new facility for you. Read on to find out what it is.




In today’s modern age the way people work for the convenience and other important work is changing. These new technologies will save both people money and time. At the same time, new technology is advancing very fast.




One of these new technologies is the ATM machine. With the help of this, people withdraw money from their nearest ATMs around their area to suit their needs. However, nowadays all banks can offer cashless cash withdrawals on their ATM network for the convenience of customers




In this regard, Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das has said that the proposal has been put in place to facilitate cardless cash withdrawals across all banks and ATM networks using the Unified Payment Interface. Separate instructions for this can be given to NPCI, ATM network and banks soon




Money fraud will stop

According to a report, there have been several cases of cheating in money laundering ATM cards. A cordless cash withdrawal facility will be launched to prevent all these frauds. This can prevent people from cheating.




According to the governor of RBI, this good cash facility will only be offered to some banks across the country first. Customer service standards in RBI controlled units are reviewed. The decision will be taken only after this.

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