Good news For Domestic Cow Bridger’s

Govt to give desi cow herds Rs.10000₹





The Madhya Pradesh government has given a big boost to farmers who are raising desi cows, while GoodNews has announced that it is giving bumper incentives to desi cow breeders.


Yes, the Madhya Pradesh government will give ₹ 900 a month to farmers for promoting natural agriculture in the state and raising local cows, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said on Tuesday.





Desi cow is essential for natural farming. If there is a desi cow, the farmer should be able to manage organic manure and have good farmland. So we decided to give ₹ 900 per month to desi cow farmers. CM said that the cow farmer would get a total of ₹ 10,800 in just one year






According to the 20th Livestock Survey, Madhya Pradesh has about 8.5 lakh livestock.


Another objective of the project is to address the issue of Bidadi cattle, which have become a major political issue during the elections in neighboring Uttar Pradesh. The Chief Minister said






The State Cabinet, chaired by Chauhan, approved the Natural Agriculture Development Board to take initiatives in the sector. It was decided to set up a committee headed by CM to decide on policy matters to promote natural agriculture. Home Minister Narottam Mishra said the committee would be headed by district officials to promote natural agriculture at the district level.





CM said that each block would have five workers to support natural agriculture. They motivate farmers to do natural farming. “We are honoring these workers for this,” CM said.





To promote the farming of desi cows, Chief Minister Chauhan had previously decided to create a Cabinet subcommittee called the Cow Cabinet to deal with the welfare of cows. The government has informed all departments that all government buildings should use the phenyl-derived phenyl and buy the manure for making organic manure.

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