Good news For Farmer’s

10000 acres per acre to grow fodder for farmers





Ten thousand acres for farmers to grow fodder…


Farmers who cooperate with gourds are eligible for financial assistance of ten thousand rupees per acre to grow forage under this scheme. Up to ten acres can benefit from this project





Farmers who partner with herds are eligible for financial assistance of up to 10 acres under this scheme and up to Rs 10,000 per acre for forage cultivation. The number of grocery stores has increased from 175 in 2017 to 600 in 2022. Due to the increase in the number of BDD cattle, most grocery stores are still crowded.

Yes! The Haryana government has launched a “Chara Bijai Scheme” to encourage farmers to grow forage and to help the farms that are suffering from lack of forage due to increase in the number of cattle.


The money will be transferred to the farmers ‘bank account through direct profit transfer, Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Minister JP Dalal said.






The state government has taken a number of steps to help the farmers and the ‘Chara-Bijai scheme’ is one of them. In April, the state paid Rs. 13.44 crore for 569 farms.

The minister said directions were given to resolve farm damage claims disputes three to four years ago.





Dalal said cow dung fertilizer (phosphate-rich organic manure) can be used in the fields. “The fertilizer is being prepared in Pinjore, Hisar and Bhiwani grocers. It has been tested in Hissar’s Hissar Lab at Haryana Agricultural University. The HAU’s Horticulture and Agriculture Departments will test the fertilizer.






According to the minister, a huge market will be built in Ganaur, Haryana. The project has come to a standstill for 15 to 20 years and the tender will be called today.


The project will cost thousands of crores and is Haryana’s largest business to date. A tender for the construction of a horticulture university in Karnal has also been awarded.



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