Good news for farmers!

Good news for farmers! 20,000 grants to vegetable growers now



Both the central government and the state governments make various plans to increase the income of the farmer relatives of the country. This will not hurt the farmers.

Recently, the government has been granting up to Rs. Farmers can register to grow vegetables up to two hectares to take advantage of the government’s plan.




Under what project is this grant received?

The government has been providing this subsidy under the Comprehensive Horticulture Development Mission of the Government to help farmers financially. In addition, farmers are given other benefits.




Sow it well and sell the crop in the market to make a good profit. Moreover, the government’s scheme will give farmers a new identity and make the country’s farmers self-sufficient and empowered.




Cost of vegetable farming

The total cost of a farmer in vegetable farming is about Rs 50 thousand, of which the government now grants farmers up to Rs 20,000. Together, farmers now have to invest only 30 thousand rupees in vegetable farming, with the remaining 20 thousand coming from the government.




Which vegetables will be included in the project?

In this regard, District Horticulture Officer Mamata Singh Yadav said, “The profit of the scheme is Rs. 50,000 per hectare. Vegetables such as tomato, pumpkin, karela, turia and cucumber will also be included in the project.





Farmers may be delayed to take advantage of the scheme. The farmers will get the benefit of the project as soon as the target is set, he added.

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