Great offer for workers’ children

Great offer for workers’ children, get the facility today





Dear Farmers and Workers, Government of Karnataka has implemented several schemes for the livelihood of workers’ families, and now the government has given another important instruction to increase the education and nutrition of workers’ children. To promote education and nutrition of workers’ children, a program called “Mata Magu Sahayahasta” has been organized.






This has been ordered by the Karnataka Building and Other Construction Welfare Department.

Mati Magu Sahayahasta Yojana is a subsidy provided by the government under Rule 43-A for providing nutrition and pre-primary education to registered women workers after birth.

Preya Karkimare Under this scheme mainly registered women workers will be subsidized for the education of their child from the time of delivery till the child is born for a period of three years.





It also provides subsidy for pre-primary education of the child and supply of nutrition for healthy growth of the child. The government is taking steps to ensure that there is no problem in the development of children of laborers and food for children.

The total amount of child education and nutritional support will be Rs.6000/-. It is to be sanctioned by the sanctioning officer to the registered female beneficiary in the form of installments of Rs.500/- per month. This helps in good growth.





Eligibility to get this scheme –

• Registered women workers under this scheme are eligible to receive subsidy only twice.

• Subsidy will be given only for the birth of the first two children under this scheme.

• Must have birth certificate.

• Filing the application within six months of the birth of the child.

• Must have labor card.






Documents required to apply –

• Applicants should submit the application in Form XVII –A.

• Bank Account Xerox

• Portrait of children of workers is mandatory

• Summary of discharge during pregnancy

• Employment confirmation letter of the workers where they are working

• A birth certificate is mandatory when a child is born.

• Identity Card/Smart Card issued by Labor Board. All the above mentioned documents are mandatory.

Dear Workers A woman beneficiary who is eligible for benefit under this scheme should submit an application in Form XVII –A to the Secretary of the Labor Board or authorized sanctioning officer on behalf of the Board.

For more information visit the nearest labor department immediately and take advantage of this scheme.


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