Happy News to the farmers;

Happy to the farmers; Double income for farmers in dung bookings online






As demand for organic manure grows, farmers have begun to collect cow dung. For this, farmers are now sitting at home and booking pastures from livestock owners.


Currently, bovine dung has increased in importance. If we talk about the past few years, much attention has been paid to organic agriculture by the Government of India, Department of Agriculture, University of Agriculture, Research Center and scientists.







In this issue, the trend of farmers in organic farming is rapidly increasing in the Maad region of Karauli district of Rajasthan. Over the last few years, farmers have turned to organic farming.






Organic fertilizers are increasingly used in vegetable and fruit farming. With this, farmers are shying away from chemical fertilizers


Farmers believe that overuse of chemical fertilizers causes disease in agriculture, so we are now stepping into organic agriculture. Farmers are being motivated by the central and state governments for this.





Booking of dung

In view of the increasing demand for organic fertilizer, farmers have started to collect cow dung. Farmers are also benefiting from this.


Farmers are now sitting at home and booking pastures from cattle owners to maximize this profit.


In order to promote organic farming, cattle farmers take lease of cow dung throughout the year and collect it for organic manure.






Price of dung trolley

Trolley beef is being sold in model villages for Rs. Livestock farmers are getting better returns in this situation, and farmers are also getting better yields.

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