Horticulture Department Recruitment 2022

Horticulture Department: Invitation to apply for training


Applications are invited from the Horticulture Department for a total of 10 candidates, including five female and ten male candidates, for a period of 10 months from May 2,2022 to February 28,2023.




BANGALORE: A total of 15 candidates, including five women and ten male candidates, have been invited by the Horticulture Department to train at the Horticulture Training Center in Gadag for a period of 10 months from May 2,2022 to February 28,2023.



Applications should be made to the Deputy Director of Horticulture, Dharwad District. For general candidates, Rs. Candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes will get Rs. There is an application fee. This fee has to be attached to the application form, Indian Postal Order or Bank DD in the name of Deputy Director of Horticulture.




Application forms are available for download from March 15th to April 16th at the Office of the Senior Assistant Horticultural Director or on the Department’s website https://horticulturedir.karnataka.gov.in




Completed applications should be submitted with registrations by 5pm on April 16th. For more information contact the Horticulture Department office on (0836-2957801).


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