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Indian Oil Needed For Just Rs 368 Smart Cylinder .. What Specialty







The prices of essential commodities are increasing day by day in the country. The prices of petrol, diesel, cooking oil, vegetables and groceries have increased. These price increases are becoming an economic burden for the masses. On its back, cylinder prices have been rising every month.






There is also the inevitability of using a cylinder, which is used with caution. The latest news on cylinder gas is that it will be available for just Rs. 368. So let us see what it is about in this article.








What is a Composite Cylinder

Indian Oil Products Company has now launched its ‘Composite Cylinder’ in India for its customers. This cylinder is currently available in 5 and 10 kg


The people of Patna in the state of Bihar currently prefer smart composite LPG cylinders over conventional gas cylinders. It is lighter, safer and more attractive than a traditional cylinder. The demand and availability of this particular type of cylinder is increasing steadily in the city. When the IOC launched it in September, it was only available in five agencies. Now it has reached 20 LPG agencies


The amount of gas remaining in this cylinder is visible from the outside before the gas is exhausted and is lightweight, easy to carry, and very simple to keep at home.










The specialty of a combined cylinder is that some part of it is transparent. It shows how much gas is in the cylinder and the customer can take another cylinder before the gas is depleted.





Combined Cylinder Cost

This combined cylinder has two available: 5kg and 10kg LPG. The current price of a 10kg composite cylinder is Rs 703, while the price of a 5kg cylinder is Rs 368.


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