Instructions to Crop Insured Farmers to get Insurance Compensation within 15 days

Instructions to Crop Insured Farmers to get Insurance Compensation within 15 days



The Union Minister of State for Chemicals and Fertilizers, Bhagwant Khooba, has said that private insurance companies should issue relief within 15 days in relation to farmers’ crop insurance.




He was summoned by State Agriculture Minister B.C. Prime Minister Fasal Bima had a meeting with officials of the Agriculture Department on other issues, including the proposal.




Insurance companies have been instructed to release relief money to crop insured farmers as they have been a bad crop. 16 lakh farmers have to pay Rs 1147.57 crore. This time around 12 lakh farmers have registered for insurance.



Government insurance companies should be able to provide crop insurance to farmers at the right time..On top of this, private insurance companies have taken the plunge to insure farmers at the right time.



Farmers in distress are already in trouble. Prime Minister Fasal Bima has launched a scheme to take over the peasantry in difficult times. Millions of farmers insure crops by trusting the government. Such farmers should immediately release the insurance money. There is no question of compromise in terms of insurance companies or any other issue to provide justice to the farmers. The concern of the farmers is the main goal..




Private insurance companies should be able to fund the farmers’ account at the right time. Private insurance companies must distribute compensation within 15 days. There should be mutual coordination among the agricultural authorities of the district





Khooba has instructed the commissioners to get the farmers’ information about the districts, area and crops registered with the insurance department and report them within one week.




Check the status of crop insurance application

Under the Prime Minister’s Fasal Insurance Scheme, the insured farmers can check the status of the application on mobile. How did it feel… this




Clicking on the link will open the protection web page. (If you already have the year selection 2021-2022 and the season selection Kharif) click on Next



Robbie has to choose when it comes to dwarf crops. Then click on the check status at the bottom of the Farmers column. There you have to select the mobile number. Then enter the mobile number and click on the Search button.



You can see the status of your application and the status of the application, whether the insurance money has been received and the status of the crop registration.





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