Is your name on the beneficiary list of episode 11 of the PM Kisan project

Is your name on the beneficiary list of episode 11 of the PM Kisan project Check in mobile,


Happy news to farmers who are waiting for episode 11 of the PM Kisan project. You can now check your name on the 11th beneficiary list on mobile. How did you think it was…

In January, for some reason the money for the 10th installment of the PM Kisan project did not reach many farmers’ accounts. So the next installment, the 11th installment, is made mandatory by EKYC.




March 31 is the last day to do EKYC. Already a lot of farmers have done EKYC. But they are in doubt as to whether the information made by the EKYC is correct or not. You don’t have to go anywhere to find out whether the money in episode 11 is coming into your account or not. You can sit at home and watch it on your mobile.

When the 10th installment was released last January, many farmers’ accounts were not funded.




When such farmers go to PM Kisan status check, there is a message called PFMS / Bank status: Your payment held by state. Thus the 10th installment was not credited to the Farmers’ Account. Now that EKYC has made it mandatory, farmers have provided EKYC with the necessary documents in mobile and CSC centers. But there is still doubt as to whether or not the money for episode 11 will come. Such farmers can now make a status check on mobile. This is what farmers do You have to click on the link. Then the PM Kisan Summon Fund page opens. Aadhaar card number should be entered there. Then click on Get Data. Then the status page of the PM Kisan project opens.




There you will find your name, father’s name, last four digits of mobile number, four digit numbers of Aadhaar number, village, taluk, district, address, your PM Kisan account or not.


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