Karnataka Govt Scholarships List :

Here is a list of scholarships from Class I to Higher Education



Karnataka Govt Scholarships List: The highest priority for education is the government through the Department of Social Welfare. There are many types of projects and 13 different types of scholarships to educate the students of SC class. See their list here.



Scholarships are being offered to students to develop welfare education programs for SC students. This encourages students to continue their reading step by step. The list of scholarships offered to SC students is as follows.


List of Scholarships from Class I to Higher Education –

Incentive Scholarship for Grades 1-5.

2 Incentive scholarships for girls attending high school.

3. Metric Pre-Scholarship

4. Merit Scholarship

5. Post-Matric Scholarship (GOI)

6. Metric Pre-Scholarship for Children of Parents Involved in Cleaning and Sanitation Duties.

7. Post-State Matric Scholarship

8. Rewarding Gifted Students.

9. Reward students who rank well

10. Financial support for M.Phil, Ph.D., of Scheduled Caste Students of Karnataka.

11. Book Bank Schemes

12. Travel Fund for further study

13. Financial assistance to SC students selected for higher education from foreign universities.




The government places the highest priority on education through the Department of Social Welfare. Literacy among Scheduled Castes is very low. So many programs have been developed to increase literacy and better education for SC students.


1 Nursery and Women Welfare Centers

2 residential schools

3 Renaissance and Morarji Desai Residential Schools




SC students living in rural areas are more difficult to continue their education. Also a problem to tour. Therefore, to reduce the number of students leaving the government, the government operates several pre-matric and post-matric hostels. In addition, many organizations have been encouraged to operate hostels where there is a need for self-interest, by providing food facilities, hostel rentals and honoring staff.


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