Labor Card and get lots of benefits!

Have a Labor Card and get lots of benefits!





To benefit the majority of the people of the country, the Government of India and all the state governments have jointly issued an Identity Card to help all the workers. This card is called Labor Card. The government is providing many facilities to the beneficiaries of this card.


A labor card is an identity card issued by the labor department of the respective state government for the development, safety, security, education and protection of workers.






Types of labor cards in India

Social Card

Building Card

Social Card: Workers engaged in agricultural, agricultural and non-building activities are eligible for this card.

Building Card: This card can be applied for by those who are working under a licensed contractor.


What is the benefit of labor card for workers

Free Education to Children’s

Life insurance benefits for free

Assistance in case of death or injury in case of major accident or major accident

Free Health Insurance Benefit

Help during pregnancy and childbirth

Help during pregnancy and childbirth

Financial support for purchase of shovels and other work equipment

Benefits at the time of daughter’s marriage

Buying a cycle aid

Scholarship for children

Help in upgradation of skills





How to apply online

Visit the official Labor Department website of the state. Then, select your state and click on the relevant Labor Department website. Next, search for new labor card registration. Now select your district from the drop-down. After that, your first name, last name, mobile number


Who can apply for labor card

Generally those who work 90 days in a year can be included in this scheme. They can apply for labor card by preparing their list of 90 days certificates.






Necessary documents required for labor card

Aadhaar card

Passport Size Photo

Bank Account No

E-mail Id

mobile number

Aadhaar card number of your family members

Ration Card (Optional)



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