news department Recruitment 2022

The news department; 289 Quick recruitment to the post




Bangalore, March 09: There are 289 vacancies in the Karnataka News and Public Relations Department. The Karnataka government has said that vacancies will be filled soon.


Dr. Mukherjee, a member of the Graduate School, has been selected in the methodology council. Chandrasekhar b. Patil had questioned the government about this. The government has given a written reply in this regard.




What is the number of vacancies in the Information and Public Relations Department? That was questioned. The government has informed that 289 posts of A, B, C and D posts are vacant in the department.




What is the post? Group A21, Group B11, Group C181 and Group D76 are vacant, the government said in a written reply.What are the steps taken by the government to fill the vacancies? Even the council members have asked. The government has also given an explanation for this




The departmental board and recruitment rule underwent a comprehensive revamp in 1978, and has not been revised since. The government has said that the process of filling the vacancies will be completed once the process is completed in the context of a comprehensive revision of the prevailing board and recruitment rules based on modern qualifications and service requirements.




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