Pashu credit card yojana 2022

The number of livestock farmers in India is higher than any other country. Similarly, livestock farming, poultry farming, sheep and goat farming are also quite domesticated.


In addition to this, governments are implementing a number of schemes to increase the income of farmers. This article is useful if you are an animal breeder.






According to statistics, the National Gokul Mission has been extended to 5 years for the genetic uplift of livestock and the development and conservation of indigenous breeds. The government is constantly working in this direction to increase productivity and revenue

The government has decided to increase the income of farmers and livestock farmers. That is, the government has launched a livestock Kisan credit card scheme for cattle owners.


Under this scheme, if you farm cow, you will get Rs 40,783 from the government and Rs 60,249 for buffalo farming.


The benefit of the scheme is being given to such peasant relatives who cannot live their lives normally.







Pasu Kisan Credit Card Scheme 2022


Under this scheme, the loan amount is given in 6 equal installments. This amount should be returned to the beneficiary with a 4% interest rate at 1 year interval.






Benefits of Pasu Kisan Credit Card Scheme


Livestock farmer relatives will be granted financial benefits under the Pasu Kisan Credit Card Scheme.

If any farmers follow the cow, they will be given a loan of Rs 40,783 per cow.

On the other hand, if the farmer follows the buffalo, he is given a loan of 60,249 per buffalo




How to Apply for Pasu Kisan Credit Card ..


If you are eligible for a Passover Kisan Credit Card Scheme and would like to apply, today we will tell you how to apply for a Passover Kisan Credit Card.


You must have made a Kisan credit card now. If yes, then you will not have much trouble getting a PM Pasu Kisan credit card because the documents for both the projects and the application process are the same.

You can get the Veterinary Kisan Credit Card Scheme through Offline Bank.







For this you need to go to the bank and take the Pasan Kisan Credit Card Form.


After filling in the information requested on the form, the KYC documents will also need to be attached to it.


You need to use Aadhaar card as KYC documents. You can also attach documents such as voter ID cards.


Top Banks Offering Pashto Kisan Credit Card Scheme


State Bank of India


Punjab National Bank




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