Pm Kisan Yojana important Information

PM Kisan is yet to be paid to these farmers. Here’s the full info



Some farmers registered under the PM Kisan scheme are yet to receive money. There are millions of farmers registered in the state to become beneficiaries under the PM Kisan scheme. So far, all registered farmers have been paid for nine episodes. But some farmers ’names have been dropped by the PM Kisan project since the tenth episode.



Under the PM Kisan scheme, six thousand rupees were paid to farmers every year in three installments. This scheme has been very helpful to the farmers. But now some farmers have stopped to pay for the PM Kisan project.




The money from the PM Kisan project was withheld. Now more than one farmer in the same family, ie the husband, wife or children are registered, only one member of this family is paid by PM Kisan. It cannot be said that every farmer who owns a farm or owns land will have money.



Check the PM Kisan Money Status Status Mobile

You can check the mobile money of the 11th installment of PM Kisan money into your account. Yes, farmers should sit at home and click on eLink to check on mobile. Then the status page of the PM Kisan project opens. Enter your Aadhaar card and click on Get Data. Then the status of the PM Kisan project appears



If there is a waiting for state approval from the state government for installment of the money in installment of the 11th installment, then you will get the approval from the state government. If the Rft Sign is found by the State Government, the PM Kisan money is sent to the Central Government. The next installment of the PM Kisan project will be added to your account very soon.



PM Kisan still pays for one member of the family

In a family, land is the name of a husband and wife and children over the age of 18. Money is also available to the spouse and children of a single registered family. Thus, if the husband and wife of the same family got the money from the PM Kisan scheme, they are now withheld. Further, PM Kisan money is only available to one member of a family.




Isn’t PM Kisan money? Call this number, then

You can call 155261 or 011 24200606 to find out about the money or the money withheld for the PM Kisan project. Farmers can sit at home and get the necessary information after making a call.



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