4000 from PM KISAN and ‘KARNATAKA’ Government


The Government of Karnataka has agreed to pay Rs. Is subsidizing. The Government of India has invested Rs 6000 in the PM KISAN Samman Fund. I give to the Farmers Account every year. That too in 3 episodes. Similarly, the Government of Karnataka has paid around Rs 4,000 to the poor farmers. We offer 2 installments per year.



But now the question is whatsapp. Is this money an avenue for farmers?



6,000 from the Government of India And the Karnataka government is offering Rs 4,000. About Rs. Are the farmers compensated?




Because of the current market. If something goes up in the market, the price of essential commodities is skyrocketing. Buying essentials in today’s market is not the same as how to capture the sky. Looks like you have to put some luggage in front of you.





Grocery oil costs about Rs. Is about to fall back.

The yams cost around Rs. Getting better than that.



And wheat flour is about 40-50. Kg. Every person needs about 5-10kg of wheat flour per month.



And the spice, like spice, crossed the Rs 200 mark.



Don’t ask for gas because the gas rate is around Rs. And according to the formulas, gas has reached every village.



In fact, the cost of a man is around Rs. 10,000. Will.




But the government pays Rs. 10,000 per year to each farmer’s family. Offering The thing to think about is yes.


Another question arises: what does it mean for all the government? And if Pagassette gives him money, he becomes lazy. But the right amount of money to give him Getting used to it? The answer is no.This is because in today’s market, if a farmer goes to the market to buy manure and other essential commodities like farmland, he has to bring back the manure, seeds and pesticides on loan from the shopkeeper.



What is the solution? Agriculture is the only field during this Kovid, which is balancing India’s economy. The government should make an effort to give the farmers their hard work, without making a consolation play to subsidize agriculture.



And if it helps, they’ll be provided with essential items such as government seed, pastesids, etc. at the right time and without the haraferee of any business.The farmer of our country is very powerful and gives the whole country rice year round.The farmer needs help, not mercy. When the government understands this, our country’s farmer and his fellow countrymen will be happy.

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