PM Kissan yojana 2022

6,000 for farmers in other states under PM Kisan scheme, Rs. 10,000 for farmers of Karnataka,



Under the PM Kisan scheme, farmers in other states will get Rs 6,000 per year, while state farmers will get Rs 10,000. How do you think it is…




The PM Kisan Scheme of the Central Government is to remind the immediate farmers of the PM Kisan scheme. Under this PM Kisan scheme, all farmers in the country are guaranteed a sum of Rs 6,000 per year. However, according to the state government, the farmers of the state receive Rs 4,000 each year separately under the PM Kisan scheme.



Yes, under the PM Kisan scheme, the state government guarantees an additional Rs 4,000 per year to the farmers of the state. But this plan is not for other states. The state government of Karnataka alone pays farmers 4,000 rupees a year in two installments.

Under the PM Kisan Scheme, farmers will receive Rs 6,000 / – in three installments per year from the central government.



Farmers are required to register their names with the State Government’s PM Kisan Scheme. Farmers must be registered with the Fruits Software for this. The additional benefits of the PM Kisan Scheme will be provided by the State Government only if the farmers are registered with the Fruits software. Farmers can register on mobile with Fruits software. Or you can go to the nearest Farmer Contact Center and register their name.Check the list of PM Kisan beneficiaries of the state government

To check the name of the farmers in the list of beneficiaries registered under the state government’s PM Kisan scheme




You have to click on the link. Then the status page of the PM Kisan project opens. You have to enter your Aadhaar card there. Then click on Get Data. How much money does the PM Kisan project pay for your account? The next episode looks like Status. If you have received 10 installments so far, you can make an eleventh installment status check.


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