Pradhana Mantri Kisan Mandan Yojane 2021

Pradhana Mantri Kisan Mandan Yojane 2021

Under this scheme, farmers are able to earn Rs 3000 per month. So far, farmers have been earning Rs.6,000 under the Prime Minister’s Kisan Scheme, a three-installment of Rs 2000. But now, under this scheme, it is Rs. Can be obtained.

36000 per annum :
Under the PM Kisan Man dhan Yojna Benefits, farmers are given a pension every month. Under this scheme, farmers over 60 years of age will get Rs 3,000 per month. Pension is paid. This means that Rs. The farmers will get it. The Modi government will provide the farmers with financial assistance for this purpose.

Required Documents:
To take advantage of this scheme run by the central government, you will need some paperwork.

Aadhaar card

bank account details

are required. But if you are taking advantage of PM Kisan Benefits, you do not need to submit any additional documents.

Who will take advantage of this project?

  1. Any farmers aged 18 to 40 can take advantage of this scheme.
  2. For this purpose, cultivable land should be up to a maximum of 2 hectares.
  3. The project should be at least 20 years and maximum 40 years to benefit. Depending on the age of the farmers, Rs. 200 from Rs. Monthly contribution up to Rs.
  4. Farmers joining the age of 18 years will be paid Rs 55 per month.
  5. If you are enrolled in this scheme at the age of 30, you will get Rs. Need to deposit.
  6. If you are enrolled at the age of 40, pay Rs 200 per month. Need to deposit.
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