PSI 545 Post Scam Information

545 PSI posts recruitment process Scam’s


Bangalore, Feb 8: The appointment process of the Karnataka State Police Department has been halted following allegations of massive irregularities in the recruitment of 545 police sub-inspector posts.



ADGP Amrit Paul of the Police Recruitment Division sent an emergency message to senior officials of the state. Last year, the government ordered the appointment of 545 PSI posts. However, some candidates had protested that there was gross injustice in the 371 (J) reservation for the welfare of the people of Karnataka on the welfare of the provisional select list.



A provisional list of eligible candidates has already been published, following the process of recruitment for civil PSI posts. Candidates selected for the post were asked to carry out medical examination and paperwork on January 21. It has now been announced that the recruitment process should be discontinued due to administrative reasons.



Illegality of test and selection list

The 545 PSI-civil recruitment scandal and allegations of illegality in the selection list have been revealed one by one. Candidates for the Chief Minister and Home Minister were questioned through social networking sites. At the same time, he had released documents that contained suspicions of illegality.



After the selection list was published on Jan. 19, a group of talented men searched for their names. The most critically qualified test takers believed that they would be selected for the PSI post. However, many are surprised by the rank list.



It has come as a surprise to the talented few who have yet to write their names. The scores of some in the exam-1 and test-2 are highly suspect.



Many are demanding an investigation as there is strong suspicion that there may have been a burglary in the police department. There is a debate about disqualification of all documents on social networking sites. The Home Minister and the departmental bosses have been informed about this.



CM lodges complaint with Home Minister demanding probe

Candidates from the Welfare Karnataka section (Article 371J) have been unfairly treated in the PSI recruitment list. Also, a nominee who is suspected of grave irregularities in the examination has lodged a complaint with the Yadagiri district and the chief minister and the home minister, demanding an investigation.




In the complaint letter, a person from a government post in Yadgir district, based in Afzalpur, has given details like his. The complaint also mentions suspicious behavior of the person, suspected to have been copied and defrauded through Bluetooth or some other illegal activity. If a PSI is only for those who have the money, a candidate who has tried to weigh in on the complaint about what is the destiny of the poor, has investigated the matter and appealed for justice.



PSI Exam Illegal Fanfare, Who is the Recipient

The sub-inspector of police has been accused of irregularities in the recruitment examination and such doubts have been widely heard after the provisional select list was released on Jan. 19. An examination of 545 posts across the state on October 4 last year (2021) revealed that the Yadagiri district was concerned about whether a person was involved.




Scores of candidates in exam-1 and test-2 after the release of the test list are suspected of illegality. “There is a suspicion that a large number of candidates have been selected in the Afzalpur taluk of Kalaburagi district,” said one candidate.


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