Puneet rajkumar based question paper leaked

Question about Puneet in school exam; Sakhat is viral Photo of the question paper,



Puneeth Rajkumar: The photo of this question paper on social media is going viral. Bheesh is all for the school’s efforts to educate children about Puneet Raj Kumar.



Actor Puneeth Rajkumar is a role model for everyone. He was not the only film actor. Along with social work, Puneeth Rajkumar Fans won the hearts of fans. But they were never publicized about their actions. He devoted millions of rupees to the creation of a school for the poor girl for presenting a telephone show in Kannada. I wanted to educate everyone in that school without discrimination



The result is the construction of a school building in Mysore today. It will be commissioned soon. All children should know about such a golden-hearted man. Many schools are trying to do just that. The best example of that is a question paper that is now viral. Students have been asked about Puneet Raj Kumar at a Bengaluru school exam in Bangalore.



Fourth grade students have been tested in Kannada language and have been asked about Puneet Raj Kumar in its question paper. Its photo is viral. Just read the excerpt below and answer the questions in the section titled ‘Mobilization and Performance of Puneet Raj Kumar’. Have students read it and answer the following questions.


This question magazine photo is going viral on social media. Bheesh is all for the school’s efforts to educate the children about Puneet. It is also expressed by many that Puneet Raj Kumar’s lessons and achievements should be incorporated into the school text.



Puneet Raj Kumar’s contribution to Kannada cinema is immense. As a child, he entered the film industry. He acted as a child actor in many films. He became a hero through up-cinema. Dr. Although Raj Kumar was the son, he developed his own identity through acting. He also contributed to the film industry as a singer and producer. He allowed many new talents through PRK Productions.



People look at Puneet Raj Kumar as God. On many occasions, they are worshiped beside God by their photo. Appu is making a photo at the fair, festival and festival. All these incidents are a testimony to the position of Puneet Raj Kumar in the minds of the people. Puneet Raj Kumar starred as the hero of the last movie, James’ Birthday. It is reported that the film has earned Rs 100 crore in four days.



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