Rashtriya Krishi vikas yojana 2022

National Agricultural Development Scheme: Notice from Deputy Director of Agriculture for Purchase of 90% Subsidy





Dear farmer Bandhavarey All farmers farms in Karnataka have been invited to apply for subsidy to farmers under the National Agricultural Development Program (NAIS). I will let you know immediately






: Farmers’ Contact Center Habibullah farmers here have been invited to apply for a Tadapal application, and the incomplete farmers have to attach their Parents Card and Caste Certificate. 13. Applications should be lodged with the Farmer Liaison Center from 04.22 to 30.04.22







Vijayapura: Farmers Connection Center of Basavan Baghevadi Taluk has been invited by the farmers for distribution of lumber in the current line under the National Agricultural Development Project. Farmers should submit their Aadhaar Card, Pahani, Utare, latest portrait and a Certificate of Registration of Scheduled and Scheduled Tribe farmers along with the application form at the Farmer Contact Center here.





Farmers must have a mandatory FID. Applicants for last year’s paper are not eligible to apply. Eligible beneficiaries will be selected and distributed through a lottery, Manohalu Farmer Contact Center Officer Shahnawaz Qadri Mushrif said in a statement.






Farmers Invited for Tadapal Indians: Application for Tadapul by farmers under the National Agricultural Development Scheme of 2021-22. For applying, farmers need to attach Aadhaar card, Pahani, Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe caste certificate along with the application. The completed application form should be submitted to the Farmer Contact Center by 25 noon

Those who have received Tadapal for the last two years are not eligible to apply. Beneficiaries will be chosen by lottery on A.28. Farmers of the Farmers’ Liaison Center said that selected farmers should get an acceptance letter from A.28 to 29.







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