Ration Card update 2022

RATION CARD BIG UPDATES! The biggest problem



The department will issue a RATION

Under this system, if more than one of its designated beneficiaries reaches any ration distributor to obtain rations, such rationers will be given rations from the District Supply Division so that everyone can easily get rations.





Great news for those with RATION CARD. Under the ‘ONE NATION ONE RATION CARD’ scheme, beneficiaries will now be able to pick up rations from the rationers of their choice. That is, you can now change the ration dealers to your liking.




The government issued a memorandum on this. This means that even if you are not a beneficiary, if you come with a ration card, you will not have to pay back. If the RATION receipt from other dealers comes to you to obtain the RATION, they will in any case be required to issue the RATION.




Good news!

In fact, all the rationers of all districts have been instructed to do so. The problem with cardholders raising rations is that some ration dealers are so arbitrary. But now that the system has been reinstated, now beneficiaries have the option to stop taking rations from such distributors.




In fact, there are many times in the ration shop. In such a situation, if the beneficiary wishes to take the ration from a particular ration shop, then officially allowed.

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