Re Exams: Shock For Those Passing Without Exam: Re-write Exam

Re Exams: Shock For Those Passing Without Exam: Re-write Exam



Shimoga: Students were passed without a test due to coronavirus infection. Students were also afraid of facing the test in the background of Corona. But the state government has let out a sigh of relief. However, students who have passed the exam without a big shock face the dilemma of re-exams.



Kuvempu University in Shimoga also passed without a test in the wake of Kovid infection in 2019-20. “We have decided to conduct the test in the wake of the opposition of the syndicate for not passing the test,” Chancellor Prof. Veerabhadraiah said.



In the year 2019-20, students were passed without examinations due to Covid. The same issue was vehemently opposed at the World Education Syndicate. Members of the syndicate have distanced the governor and the higher education minister over Vivian’s passing of about 24,000 students without examinations.”As the students have now decided to take the exams, the Chancellor has been instructed to seek advice on legal issues,” he said.



Many issues have been decided at the University Syndicate meeting. An increase in the remuneration of guest lecturers working in the bachelor’s and master’s sections. Mr. G. Gowda, Member of the Syndicate, Syndicate, under the Chairmanship of the Chancellor, on the increase of remuneration. The team was made up of Dharmaprasad, Shri Manjunatha NR and Financial Officers.



The report submitted by the committee was tabled at a syndicate meeting held yesterday for review and resolution. Mr. B, a member of the syndicate, sought to implement this. Niranjanamoorthy, Shri H.B. Ramesh Babu, Sri Bellakere Santosh, Sri Kiran Ravindra Desai, Sri Ramalingappa H. And Mr. SR. He insisted. Against this backdrop, the House has approved the report with some amendments so that the remuneration / remuneration has been revised in eight different stages as follows.

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