Single Girls’ Scholarship Scheme 2022-23

If there is only one girl, a scholarship of Rs 12000₹

CBSE is offering a scholarship for such daughters if parents have one child. Yes, most of the girls who are economically disadvantaged and inadequately educated are the most deprived of care.


Most of the girls work different jobs. The government is offering this scholarship to promote the education of such class girls.







Project Name: CBSE Single Female Scholarship Program


Category: Scholarship


Issued by: CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)

Enforcers: Central Government

Objective: To promote the education of girls through scholarships

Candidate selection process: Merit basis

Beneficiaries: Student with only one girl in the family

Official website:

How is scholarship allocation ..?

The number of scholarships for a given year is variable.

All “Single Girl Students” who score 60% or more will be awarded

CBSE X classroom exam that year.





Eligibility criteria


All Single Female Students who have secured 60% or higher marks in the CBSE 10th Class Examination and are studying in 11th and 12th grades in the school affiliated with CBSE, their tuition fee is Rs. 1,500 per month during the academic year, will be considered for the purpose. CBSE scholarships are only offered to Indian nationals


“This project is aimed at identifying parents’ efforts in promoting education among girls and encouraging gifted students.”


Scholarships are awarded based on merit list as stated above,






From the CBSE X classroom exam result. The eligibility criteria should be as follows:


All single female students who scored 60% or higher in the CBSE X class






Examination and Class XI and XII at school (affiliated with CBSE)


The tuition fee does not exceed Rs.

Considered for the purpose. Over the next two years, total increases in tuition fees

Not more than 10% of the tuition fees charged in such school.

This scholarship is awarded for a period of 2 years. After applying for the first PUC after one year, apply for renewal of scholarship to Class XII.





A total of 12 thousand rupees scholarships will be awarded for two years (11th and 12th standard).


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