Sukanya Samruddi Yojane 2021

If you want to make enough money without any risk, there is a scheme of central government. That is the Sukanya Prosperity Project or SSY. If you invest in this project you will be able to save money for your daughter’s future.

Tax money can be saved. You can earn money by saving only 1 rupee per day.

Sukanya Prosperity Project

The Sukanya Samurdhi Scheme (SSY) is a small savings scheme of the central government, created under the ‘Beti Bachao Beti Pao’ scheme. In the list of modest savings plans, Sukanya has a good interest rate. This account can be opened for just Rs 250. This means that you can benefit from this plan even if you save only Rs 1 per day. Make a minimum deposit of Rs 250 each financial year. You cannot deposit more than Rs.

Interest at the rate of 7.6

Under this scheme (Sukanya Prosperity Account) you are paid interest at the rate of 7.6 per cent. It is in the form of tax deduction. Per cent High interest rates were previously offered at 9.2 percent. Up to 8 years of age, half of the daughter’s higher education expenses can be withdrawn. Interest is now paid on SSY at the rate of 7.6 per cent with income tax deduction. If you are concerned about the future of your loved ones, you can take advantage of this project.

How to open an account?

The Sukanya Samriddhi scheme can open an account at any recognized post office or commercial branch. After birth of a girl before the age of 10 years, at least Rs. An account can be opened with a deposit. In the current financial year, the maximum amount that can be deposited under the Sukanya Prosperity Scheme is Rs 1.5 lakh. After opening the Sukanya Prosperity Plan account, it can be held until the girl reaches the age of 21 or is married.

How to open Sukanya Prosperity Account at Post Office?

Sukanya Prosperity is really good at saving government money and saving money for girl child education. A lot of organizations are still unaware of the Sukanya Prosperity Project. But post offices are the most convenient place to open an account.

• First you have to download the form from the respective government portal.
• Fill in the required details on the form
• Carry all the necessary documents that contain these
• Photographs of the girl child and the parents / guardians together
• Proof of identity
• Address proof
• Aadhaar card compulsory
• Birth certificate of the baby girl

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