Sweet news for farmers

Farmers buy cow-buffalo subsidy: Rs.20,000 State government’s tremendous contribution






Under the Chief Minister Amrut Jeevan Scheme, the state government will provide farmers with the option of purchasing an improved breed or hybrid cow. 20 thousand subsidy. In order to increase livestock, dairy and dairy in the state, the Chief Minister’s Amrita Life Scheme is being implemented and the farmers will get a subsidy of Rs.






Under this scheme, farmers will be distributed milk hybrid cow and improved breed buffalo for animal husbandry or dairy farming during their agricultural work. The unit cost is Rs. 15,500 will be subsidized for ordinary farmers.







Beneficiaries can borrow from the Bank in the form of loans, with the exception of subsidy. Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) farmers will be benefited under this scheme. 33 per cent for general beneficiaries. 25 per cent subsidy will be available. Preferred farmers will be selected as beneficiaries of wages, agricultural laborers and interested persons involved in animal husbandry.








Documents required for this facility


Adhar Card


Ration Card


Must have recent photos (Passport Size Photo)


Caste and Income Certificate should be from the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes


Bank PassBook


Applicants must be registered with Fruits Software.



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