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Mini Tractor, Power Tiller, Carpentry Distribution: Department of Agriculture,


There are a lot of farmers going to Karnataka, especially the people of all the urban areas and a large number of farmers, because of the hardships they have already experienced during the Kovid.



Thus, the Karnataka government believes that the farmers are aware of new technologies and subsidized by various means of subsidies, including tractors, mini-tractors, plow rotators and other agricultural machinery to encourage the farmers.



Labor and Finance Minister Shivaram Hebbar said that the central and state governments are putting more emphasis on agriculture through various schemes. The town’s K.B. He addressed the gathering at the Agricultural Department premises on the road and at the Agricultural Exhibition held by the Department of Agriculture and distribution of agricultural machinery to various farmer beneficiaries.



Farmers’ unions need to put more emphasis on the subsidy given by the government to support the suffering of farmers. He said the country would be prosperous. Tadapal, Power Tiller, Mini Tractor, Spinkler Set, Water Pumpset, Handicrafts, Harvesting Door and other accessories were distributed to selected beneficiaries at subsidized rates to farmers. Ganesha Hegde Panthageri, Ganapathi and Agriculture Officer Nagaraj Naika were also present on the occasion.



If you also need to purchase equipment at subsidized rates for such projects, contact your nearest Horticulture Department to find out where the plans are and the current plans. Then you can easily buy machines in subsidies. The above information is only relevant to the Allpur Agriculture Department and not to the rest of the Department.


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