Yashaswini Health Scheme 2022

Yeshaswini Health Scheme: How to Successfully Plan Against the State



CM Basavaraj Bommai has re-implemented the Yashaswini Yojana project. The state has once again implemented a success plan to benefit farmers and poor families




Bangalore, May 30: CM Basavaraj Bommai has re-implemented the ambitious Successful Health (Yashaswini Yojana) project. The state has re-implemented a success plan to benefit farmers and poor families. CM Basavaraj Bommai has announced a budget of Rs 300 crore for a successful project. So what is the plan, what are the benefits under this plan, how to get it?




What’s a Yashaswini Plan

Successful Rural Cooperative Health Care Scheme. A ‘Self-funded Surgical Scheme’ for Rural Cooperatives in the State of Karnataka. Under this scheme, a rural collaborator can receive any surgical treatment included in the scheme for a period of one year for a fixed period of one month, in accordance with the stipulation, conditions and conditions of the hospitals at any time.




What are the eligibility requirements to be a beneficiary of the project

The beneficiary of this scheme must be a member of a qualified Rural Cooperative Society at least 3 months in advance. Also, members of the Rural Female Energy Group, Self Help Group and all members of their families who are dealing with the Rural Cooperatives / Banks can be the beneficiaries of the project.



How much money is payable per annum

Everyone who wants to be a beneficiary must pay a fixed amount of money annually. 250 per annum for the year 2014-15. Will be More than 5 or 5 members of the same family are eligible for a 15% discount on subscription at Nodaniya

When is registration

Successful registration begins in January or February each year and ends in August May



What members are included

Members of the self-help group with financial transactions can also avail of the scheme at the co-operative banks in rural areas. Co-operative fishermen, cooperative beedi workers and cooperative weavers are also eligible to avail the project.



823 types of surgeries

Each member is given an identity card with a bar code reading system with a unique ID number. Next to it will be the details of the registration and their portraits on the back. The number of surgeries covered by the project: 823 types of surgeries.

Facilities available to beneficiaries

Successful beneficiaries in hospitals accredited by the trust can pay an outpatient consultation of Rs. 100 for general examination and Rs. Success card holders can receive clinics or other investigations at network hospitals at a discount of 25%.



Surgeries not covered under the Success Plan

No medical treatment plan is available that does not require surgery. In addition, therapies include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, joint replacement, burn injuries, road accidents, dental surgery, skin grafting, stunts, implants, etc. Beneficiaries must bear the cost of medical treatment, medication and surgery to benefit such a patient.

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